Amphan – Most Robust Cyclone That Has Ever Hit The Bay Of Bengal

Super cyclone Amphan was a powerful tropical storm that hits the Bay of Bengal. It has caused widespread damages in Eastern India and Bangladesh. It occurs in May 2020. The weather experts warn the cyclone, and accordingly, the preparations are made, and various shelter homes have been constructed. The cyclone comes with heavy rainfall and high wind speed that has caused damages to thousands of homes. In times like this, we need some sort of safety net, especially financially. This is where playing 해외배팅사이트 online may come in handy since it could make you a decent amount of money. .

According to the chief minister of West Bengal, the cyclone is worse than the coronavirus’s impact, and even then the country was having troubles providing N95 masks. Mainly, three districts that are East Midnapore, North 24 Parganas, Soth 24 Parganas are affected worse by this cyclone. The storm has taken 12 people’s lives and causes many damages to street lights and trees in Kolkata and other parts of West Bengal. Thousands of fishers have lost their boats in the cyclone.

Apart from West Bengal, other eastern states of India that include Meghalaya and Assam are also affected by the cyclone. The people of these states have suffered from heavy rainfall and electricity cut. Such type of storm has never been seen in India. Moving further, let’s discuss some more aspects of cyclone Amphan.

The area affected by Amphan cyclone

  • Mainly two countries that are India and Bangladesh, are affected by this cyclone. In India, mainly two states that are Bengal and Odisha, are affected worse. Heavy rainfall has also occurred in Sikkim, Meghalaya, and Assam. You can say that all the eastern part of India is affected by this.
  • The high velocity of wind has resulted in widespread damages to mud houses and coastal areas. Thousands of people have lost their homes in the cyclone and shifted to shelter families. Moreover, the government has also declared many relief packages to reestablish people into everyday life.

Damages caused by cyclone

  • The powerful cyclone has caused damage to approximately $13.2 billion. That is huge and contains several months for complete recovery. Almost five lakh families in Bangladesh is homeless and searching for shelters for surviving. However, many funds are collected throughout the world for fast recovery. This may help local and affected people in reestablishment.
  • According to the reports, almost half of the population of Bengal is affected by the storm. With the corona pandemic, the cyclone is just like a curse. However, the government is trying its best to recover from the situation.
  • To tackle the situation, Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi has released $132 to the state government. However, the state government is demanding more. But seems satisfied with this package also. But the good news is that now the situation is good and people are moving outside. This is the positive attitude of people who have suffered a lot during the cyclone.

Lastly, cyclone Amphan comes under the category of five. That states a powerful and destructive storm. Moreover, it has recorded a record speed of wind with heavy rainfall that results in wide destruction to local people.





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