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Environmental education is nothing but mythology. People pick up some familiarity with their surroundings and learn on abilities and experience that empowers them to act aggregately and separately. This education also helped them to take care of their future and present environmental issues.

What does environmental education include?

It is considered as an interaction and relationship between the human and natural system. Environmental education is always provided to people so that they can have better knowledge and understanding about the world around them and know the process of taking care of it to have a better place to live in. It is the process that always allows every individual for exploring environmental issues by getting engaged in the process of problem-solving and also take necessary action for improving the environment.

All the individuals develop knowledge about environmental issues and gain the skills to make responsible and informed decisions. This education is considered a very complex field, and it also covers different and varieties of topics that are mainly related to the environment. It also has some aspects related to engineering where the person can start understanding this. To help support your studies, you might want to consider playing some fun and interactive sports betting games via gifpitสมัครแทงบอล.

Forest event

Van Mahotsav is considered a forest event celebrated annually once a week of tree planting in our country first week of July. It encourages all the Indians to support tree plantation and tends people to organize festivals to create more and more forest in our country. It also provides many alternative fuels for increasing the production of all types of food resources, creating shelterbelts around the fields for increasing productivity and providing shade and food for cattle by offering decorative landscapes, reducing drought conditions and helping farmers prevent soil erosion. The first week in July is considered the right time for the plantation of trees in most parts of the country since it always coincides with the monsoon.

Environmental challenges

Many research has predicted that climatic change dramatically affects the natural environment of animals plants, leading to the acceleration of biodiversity loss in many areas. This type of impacts has to knock on all the effects for the different community and sector that depend upon all the natural resources of environment that include fisheries, agriculture,  tourism,  energy, and water.


Change in a climatic condition also aggravate and lead to erosion by declining the organic matter, loss in soil biodiversity, salinization, landslides, flirting and desertification. Climate affects the change of soil carbon storage that can also be related to changes in atmospheric carbon dioxide concentration, changing precipitation pattern, and increased temperature. The events of Treme precipitation, high river discharge, fast melting of ice and snow increased the droughts and climatic related events that influenced soil degradation.

It always furnishes every individual full of knowledge required for the building of NGO exercise organization and an It also guarantees for the future market in eco-business. All of the above are good for the environment and up to be very good for the econ and beneficial to fulfil environmental education efforts.

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