On Which Month Does Foreign Festival Celebrated?

Just like other festivals, foreign festival is also celebrated in India at a higher scale. The main reason of celebrating this festival is to acknowledge about the importance of forests. For growing cultivation and development in living standards, trees play a very important role. Every individual should know about the consequences of trees so that we will preserve them at any cost. There are a lot of products available in the market which is made by cutting down trees.

If we will provide awareness and let other people know that why trees are important then it will become a beneficial approach. As a reason, the entire world is facing the issues and problems which are leading due to deforestation. All of sudden, if a tree is cut down then 10 trees should be planted for covering that one loss.

Celebrating forest festival as:

Just like we celebrate other festival, acknowledging about forest festival is equally important. As a reason, every second individual from kids to elders, one should know about the reason for celebrating forest festival. This forest festival is also known as van Mahotsav which is celebrated in large scale during the month of July.

Now, in the lower section you will be going to read about some of the following reasons which states that why one should focus on saving trees as well as for celebrating and acknowledging the importance of forest festival as:

Some essential information:

If an individual will destroy the natural plantation and affects the greenery then millions of people will suffer. Such that to go green is the main consideration which every one should know. As a reason, planting a greater number of plants and trees should be the main reason for celebrating the festival of forest.

Also, if an individual will know that recycle, reuse and reduce then it will become highly effective and beneficial for the environment. As a reason, the main purpose and reason here is to go green with the nature. It was celebrated since 1950 with the former leaders of our country and the main objective here is to grow more plants so that it will become beneficial for the entire environment.

The very first week of July is considered as the region for celebrating van mohatsav for growing plants and trees in India. In several different states of the India, this festival is celebrated at a higher level. It is beneficial for every indidviausl because it gives a positive impact on the society as well as lower down the consequencs of deforestation.

The last words,

If you will go through the information which is listed in the above section then it will become a beneficila option for you to know about the importance of celebrating forest festival as well as the reason why it is celebrated. It also provides you the information that in which month does this festval is been celebrated at a larger scale. So go through all the content listed above in a right and effective manner.

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