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Our Global Giving challenge is over!

Thanks to everyone for sharing the message and contributing to our environmental projects! US$711 have been raised during our challenge.

Now we have a new challenge to conquer. Until December 31 we have to hit our target of US$5,600. If we do not, we will lose the page on Global Giving and with that the ability of getting donations online. Support us now and raise the voice with us! We are extremely thankful for every little contribution! If you are short in cash, you could maybe play วิธีเล่นหวยรายวัน online so you could also have some money for yourself for the holidays. 

What we will do with the money?
100 % of that money will go to our special donation projects, currently for our integration of the Colocondo community in our nature reserve initiative “Guardianes of the forest” as well as the preparations for our festivals happening November this year and a new recycling project. None of the money will ooze away in administration or other things!

How can you help us to reach that goal?
Share our link on Facebook, tell your family and friends about it and donate a little bit of your valuable money on the Global Giving website. We are thankful for any contribution!

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