What Is the Forest Festival? How Is It Celebrated?

The Forest Festival is the festival which is celebrated in India as well as in different states of India. The reason and main purpose of celebrating this festival are to know about the importance of planting trees. We all are acknowledged about the consequences of deforestation such that planting forests will help in cultivation and growth. Form all over the world, the problem and the causes of deforestation are common. The very first initiative of van Mahotsav was started in 1950 so that people will learn and follow this ritual for further years.

The reason was to focus on improving growth and the effects of deforestation so that people will get to know about it. Such that it is stated as Van Mohatsav to form as a festival of the tree. This is a planting drive which is followed from 1947 July and till this year, it has been continuing. With the two national leaders named Dr. Rajendra prasad and Dr. Jawaharlal Nehru, the plantation and celebration of the forest festival were considered. In the different states of India this, forest festival has been celebrated on a large scale.

With the turning festival, the agenda of planting more and more trees as well as saving trees have been formed. It is widely spread in all over India to celebrate and plant trees as per celebrating forest festival. Now in the lower section, you will be going to read about the reasons why it is celebrated as well as the way in which the forest festival is being celebrated.

Forest festival celebrated as:

In the week of July, this forest festival is celebrated in India such that encouraging people and providing awareness is the main cause and purpose. Planting more trees on a daily basis is being considered here so that people will learn about the importance of planting trees. It will lower down the impacts of deforestation if all the individuals will start planting trees.

Nonetheless, one should know that encouraging the audience and relatives is highly important o that we all will start saving trees. If we use those products, which are the reasons for destroying forests, then it will become a crucial issue. Such that we all should stop using those products because it will help in saving trees further.

Know about the 3R:

In terms of saving trees and acknowledging its importance, every individual must know about the rules of 3R, which stated as reuse, recycle, and reduce. For getting the need and use of raw materials, so that cutting down trees will become lesser. It is listed that if one tree is cut down, then it forms with the replacement of 10 trees.

Last words,

Provide awareness as much as you can so that it will become a beneficial approach for you in terms of saving trees. Also, if you will go through the information which is listed in the above section, then it will become a beneficial option for you.

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