Know About The Forest Festivals To Be Celebrated In India!

Every second individual knows about the problems and challenges faced due to deforestation. Such that this problem is leading in rural as well as urban areas both. Such that when we consider about the FSI, which is stated as a forest survey of India, then from 3 decades, more than 2/3 of the forests from the Haryana region have been lost. It covers around more than 15,000 sq km of the area. The India forest department states that if one tree is fallen for any reason, then around ten trees should be planted to cover the loss.

For maintaining ecological balance as well as for lowering down the footprints of carbon, it is important to focus on the forest and planting a number of trees by region. It helps in maintaining the overall ecological balance through which there will be less concern regarding deforestation. It will become next to impossible to breathe and to live if trees were cut down.

Importance of trees:

One should know the importance of trees and regards it, the festival of the forest is celebrated. As a reason, every individual will get to know about the values as well as the requirement of planting trees and growing them. Such that to save the forest, one of the most important things is to provide awareness, and that will only be done by celebrating the forest festival.

The person who started this festival was K.M Munshi, and he was the union minister of agriculture and food department. The reason behind starting and celebrating such a festival was only to provide awareness as well as to conserve forests and to plant more trees.

Van Mahotsav:

The term van Mahotsav literally means celebrating the festival of trees, which will directly implement with providing awareness as well as for planting more trees day by day. Also, in July 1947, the drive for planting trees was started by the national leaders of India. Also, there are different-different states in which this festival is being celebrated. Though, it forms the energetic participation of each individual for planting and developing trees by providing awareness.

Some other reasons for starting this festival:

To know about the other reasons for starting this forest festival, go through the information which is listed in the lower section as:

  • It helps in increasing the overall production of fruits, vegetables and helps potentially towards all the food resources, which will become a beneficial and stated reason for celebrating the forest festival.
  • By celebrating this festival, creating shelter-belts in the agriculture field becomes another reason for celebrating this festival.
  • Over some of the reserved forests, the intensity and gazing of cultivation will be increased, which becomes another valuable reason for starting celebrating a forest festival.
  • Through this festival, soil conservation and deterioration of soil and its fertility are also considered.

In the above section, all the information for celebrating the forest festival in India is listed so that you will get to know about valuable reasons for planting trees and acknowledging its importance.

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