Australia Bushfire – Overall Review

SYDNEY, AUSTRALIA - DECEMBER 19: Fire and Rescue personal watch a bushfire as it burns near homes on the outskirts of the town of Bilpin on December 19, 2019 in Sydney, Australia. (Photo by David Gray/Getty Images)

Australia has faced a tremendous horrible forest fire in late 2019 and worsened in February 2020. The fire is so vast that the government has to declare a state emergency. Mainly, it occurs in the forests of New South Wales. It has recorded the most devastating and destructive fire that has ever been seen in the past. An area of about 25.5 million acres is burned. This is as much as the whole area of South Korea.

The fire has taken the lives of 33 people in which five are firefighters and others are residents. More than five thousand home is burned or damaged, and millions of wild animals have lost their lives. This is just a curse from the environment that is also a signal to the humans to stop deforestation and other habitat harming activities.

Due to bushfire, thousands of people are forced to live in the sought shelter. Those are temporary relief camps. The beaches of Victoria and New South Wales are also closed, and no one is allowed to celebrate the eve of the new year there. This is sad but reality. However, the news of bushfire has spread like a fire across the whole world. People from all over the world are praying for Australia’s wildlife and local ones that are suffering from the situation.

How the fire arises?

  • The fire is started in many ways, including lightning, arson, human activities, and climate condition. Mainly, the dried and hottest climate is blamed for the bushfire. It acts as a fuel in the fire. On January 4, the country has recorded the hottest day on record. Moreover, less moisture in the atmosphere is also responsible for the widespread fire.
  • Some researches show that the fire can be controlled if the protective measures are taken on time. But people are considering this as a political statement and not giving much attention to it. Mainly three factors are responsible for bushfire that is dry weather, high temperature, and intense lightning.

Damages caused by bushfire

  • The bushfire has resulted in the loss of billions of dollars. That includes forests’ resources, business activity in the locality, damages of home, expenses of health, and many more. Moreover, it has taken the lives of millions of wildlife animals. Due to the efforts of firefighters and forest fighters, the lives of thousands of animals are saved. Thank them and their efforts.
  • Donations from all over the world have been collected and send to Australia. This shows that humanity is still alive in this world. However, the people of Australia will never be going to forget bushfires. It is like a nightmare that comes true. But now the conditions are under control, and rehabilitation of wild animals and local people has started.

Lastly, after seeing this havoc now, we should be aware of the environment and nature. Otherwise, in the future, we might see more dangerous and devasting bushfires. Think on it and comes with sustainable activities that are environment friendly. Earn the money that you can donate to NGOs that help out the environment by playing simple and interactive betting games at UFABET168.





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