Damages Caused By Laura Hurricane In The US

GOES satellite image taken on Aug. 26, 2020 showing Hurricane Laura.

Laura hurricane hits the coast of Texas, Cameron, and Louisiana. It arrived at midnight and contained high wind speed and heavy rainfall. According to the reports, the storm has taken ten people’s lives and destroyed thousands of homes. The hurricane comes under the category of a most destructive storm. It is worst in Louisiana and for offshore traders.

Approximately 7000,000 homes and businesses have lost electricity during the storm. That results in the situation of panic. But the government officials have responded on time and declared a state emergency. The people are advised not to go outside the home. It has recorded the wind speed of 140mph. That is huge and capable of destroying many things. Moreover, after the hurricane, the weather experts are expecting a tornado in the locality. But thank god it does not arrive. In trying times like this, it would be a good to have a paystub in case of emergencies. 

The Meyer of Louisiana, John Bel Edwards, has stated that the government will fight vigorously with the hurricane. He also assures the affected people to give maximum facility and recover compensation. However, the opposition party is questioning the measures that have taken. They argued that the condition is worse in the state, and Meyer should give resignation. Moving further, let’s discuss damages that are caused by Laura hurricane.

Damages near lake Charles

  • After the hurricane, a fire broke in the chlorine production plat situated near the lake Charles. This results in the vast fumes of toxic smoke into the surroundings. To control the situation, government officials have taken immediate actions that include making toxic smoke-free shelters and shifting them into it. Helicopters are used to stop the fire and lifting local people.
  • The Louisiana police come with a hazardous control team. That sprays iodine on the burning site that is helpful, nullifying the toxic effect of chlorine in the surrounding. Now the situation is under control, and people also start recovering from extensive damages.

Damages of high wind speed

  • As mentioned above, the hurricane comes with high wind speed. It results in over shading of thousands of homes. That ultimately has taken the lives of more than ten people. The situation after the hurricane is very horrible. You can refer to various online sources to see images. Moreover, it will help you imagine the exact situation and effects of the storm.
  • Louisiana has suffered from a worse condition that includes electricity cut, hundreds of trees goes down, over shedding of homes, heavy rainfall, and many more. Locals of Louisiana are seeking help from various disaster relief agencies and also got. People from all over America are helping the locals in terms of food, financial support, medicines, etc.

Lastly, now the situation is right and under control. People are struggling hard to get back to everyday life. But it would take some time that it is advised to have emergency funds just in case disasters happen and playing some casino games and sports betting at could actually help with your cash flow. The government of the US is also helping the people for reestablishment. They have also released relief packages and thus make the task easier for affected people to recover from damages and injuries.





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